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Sun Aug 20, 2017 8:53 pm
Now the competition on smartphone cameras are getting fierce, smartphone makers not only put higher resolution camera, but also add more sensors to a phone. DOOGEE, the growing smartphone manufacturer recently unveiled its latest product DOOGEE BL7000, which got our interest because it claimed to put 13MP camera both in the rear and front face.


The sensor DOOGEE BL7000 (http://www.doogee.cc/detail/big-battery-smartphone/113) used is Samsung ISOCELL, which improves focus speed and image quality a lot than other brands. It’s not surprising if they just have one Samsung sensor in the rear, but this time, it’s two. DOOGEE claims it is the same sensor they used in front camera and back camera.


Besides, BL7000 houses dual camera lined up vertically in the rear, both 13MP. The assistant camera is working to make blur effect, as the DOOGEE family always did.

As the name shows, BL7000 is a big battery smartphone featuring 7060mAh battery. Though with a big battery, it keeps a slim body with business style—metal frame and leather grains back cover. It also features octa-core CPU, 4GB RAM and 64GB storage. It supports up to 12V-2A fast charge and OTG. Black, Gold, Blue three colors are available, while the gold finish is outstanding.


Price of DOOGEE BL7000
With such a nice spec sheet, the price of DOOGEE BL7000 only cost $199.99, and the presale of it in AliExpress could be as low as $159.99. Now the pre-order is open in DOOGEE official site, you can visit: http://www.doogee.cc/sale/bl7000/ and join the giveaway there.

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